Track & Manage Construction Costs

Real-Time Cost Tracking

Real-Time cost tracking is a need in the construction industry! Statistically, around 85% of construction projects clock in over budget due to some combination of poor costs tracking or data errors. Equipping yourself with the right tools for data analysis, eliminates project overruns. 2EZ TRACKING APP is an easy to use cost tracking system for eliminating data error and duplication.



2EZ Tracking App Services

Created by a project control specialist with close to 15 years of experience, 2EZ Tracking is a streamlined user friendly cost tracking application for managing cost tickets and invoicing suited for construction companies that understand the importance of tracking costs with data integrity. 


Scalable to fit your company size 2EZ Tracking is a fully protected subscription app.

Benefits include but not limited to:

  • Live real time data
  • Eliminates errors and duplication
  • Export logs to excel
  • Export tickets & invoice to PDF
  • Excel exports can be uploaded by major systems (EcoSys, SAP)
  • Can feed payroll
  • Secure electronic approvals
  • No Network, No Problem…save and sync later
  • No Contract…you can export your data and cancel at any time.
  • Secured Payment System

2EZ Tracking provides you with the freedom to create a single source of accurate up to date data with instant connectivity and long term

Add Rates

The ability to enter in labour (employee), equipment rates, and markups.

Manage Purchase/Work Orders

This gives you the ability to track costs against purchase/work orders and invoice against them. This app will outline to you the costs you have spent against each order so help you manage the budget and give your clients advance notice if you are going over budget.


2EZ Tracking is comprised of two levels: 

Basic: The Admin Access has the ability to create cost tickets and invoice. 

Full: Is the Admin Access plus the ability to track against purchase/work orders, plus three additional accesses. 1) Approver Access – send tickets electronically for approval 2) Foreman Access – the ability to have a Foreman (other person) create tickets that get submitted back to the Admin Access 3) Employee Access – the ability for employees to enter their time and submit back to the Admin Access.

Manage Tickets

  • Tracks Tickets per Job
  • Exports the Logs for analysis or to feed payroll
  • Show you what submitted & Approved

Create Tickets

Tickets you create can be by Job/WO #, location, and even down to the coding level. You track Employees, Equipment, Materials & Subcontractors, and Expenses. It also gives you the ability to upload the images of the backup you require.

2EZ Cost Tracking App Procedure

2EZ TRACKING App Procedure is a step by step procedure explaining the purpose behind cost tracking and step by step instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Project overruns are a regular occurrence in construction. Statistically, around 85% of projects clock in over budget due to some combination of poor planning, uninformed estimation, or a lasting commitment to dated processes. Equipping yourself with the right tools and information can help you beat these staggering odds with planning, communications, and accessible insights, especially when your project goes over budget and over time.

You can download it from App Store.

Needing help with setting the app up. You can email for help within the app or send a message below and someone will get back to assist 

2EZ Tracking is also equipped with full reporting tools. You export the data from the app and upload in into the excel cost reports. These reports provide graphical visuals for analysis. For more information on how to receive the report send a message below.