Consulting Services

Want to know how your company compares against industry standard or the level of Project Controls requirements you have. 2EZ Tracking also provides consulting services to asses your company, provide training and elevate your tools. Project Controls is a must have in the industry. Utilizing the right tools elevates your companies competitiveness, helps you track and analyze data and gives you the right tools you need to succeed and get awarded jobs.


2EZ Tracking Consulting Services

  • Project Controls Assessments
  • Project Controls Training
  • Project Control Reporting Tools

Project Controls Assessments

2EZ Tracking can outline were the gaps are within your company and provide guidance, tools, and training to elevate you.

This assessment tool analysis your processes and procedures on; 

  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Resource Management
  • Change Management
  • Progress Management
  • Forecasting

Project Controls Training

Custom training to elevate your teams knowledge; 

  • Cost Management
  • Forecasting and Contingency Management
  • Change Management
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Benchmarking
  • Progress Management (Earned Value, SPI, CPI, HPI)
  • Schedule Basis
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Cost Reporting Tools

2EZ Tracking App provides the daily LEMS (Labor, Equipment, Material, and Subcontractor) and the ability to invoice. Full Project Controls also requires cost reporting. 2EZ Cost report can provide you with the following abilities;

  • Graphical Reporting
  • Ability to analyze data on incurred costs and man-hours
  • Track Change Management
  • Spend Profiles
  • Progress Reporting
  • Earned Value Reporting
  • Forecasting